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  • Is the PyCharm Community Edition free?

    The PyCharm Community Edition is free and open source with very few restrictions and there is no free trial. There is a free trial with the professional version of PyCharm, but this is not a trial piece of software, this is a program that was built to help people fall in love with (and rely on) PyCharm tools.
  • Is this the same as the professional PyCharm program?

    The paid professional version of PyCharm has all the same features as the PyCharm Community Edition, but the professional version has more tools, supports more platforms and so forth.
  • What are its frameworks and tools?

    They include: core Python language support, code inspections, a local debugger, refactoring, test runners, reStructuredText support, PyQt, PyGTK, virtualenv/buildout, package management, a Python console and an IPython notebook.
  • What can I use PyCharm Community Edition for?

    Your PyCharm Community Edition program has an Apache 2.0 licence, which means it is an open source piece of software that you may use and modify for free. You may retrieve the source code and do what you wish with it with very few restrictions.
  • Can the PyCharm Community Edition be used at work?

    This program can be used for commercial use, which means you may use it at work and for work. You may use it to complete jobs that will earn you money.
  • Are people able to use the PyCharm Community Edition at a learning institution?

    There are free all product pack licences that people may use in an educational setting. Not only are you allowed to use this program in a college or University, but it is actively encouraged by the developers.
  • Are users able to fork PyCharm?

    You are able to modify the source code under the Apache 2.0 licence, but the branding behind PyCharm is not available for free use. If you wish to fork your version of PyCharm, then you need to remove all forms of branding and anything that is trademarked. Plus, if and when you create your own version of this program, you need to credit the PyCharm brand/team for giving you the source code. You have to give credit to the developers, who are called JetBrains.
  • Are there things people cannot do with the PyCharm Community Edition?

    In general, you need to stick within the rules of an Apache 2.0 licence. For example, if you create your own version of the program using PyCharm’s original source code, then you need to credit the original brand and developers, and you need to include a full copy of the Apache 2.0 licence within your release, and things of that nature. Anything that breaks the rules set out by an Apache 2.0 licence are things you cannot do with the community edition of PyCharm.
  • Is this the same as the free student edition?

    If you are a student or a teacher, you may be able to contact the developers of PyCharm and get a licence for a free version of PyCharm. The free version given out to students and teachers is a free version of the professional version. The student edition is actually the professional addition, it is not the same as the PyCharm Community Edition.
  • Will this program update and upgrade if I buy the professional version?

    If you buy the professional licence, then the professional version downloads and installs as a separate version to your community edition. The reason for this is that people may alter their version of PyCharm Community Edition and may want to keep their altered version and their paid version of PyCharm.


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