PyCharm Community Edition for Windows

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  • V 2023.1.3
  • 3.9

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Xavier Slim
Xavier SlimUpdated 5 months ago

Free software for developers

PyCharm Community Edition is a free and open-source integrated developer tool. JetBrains developed and published this freeware for Python code developers; this software is a free version of the professional PyCharm variant. Both of the programming applications are available on Apple Mac, Microsoft Windows, and Linux operating systems.

Is PyCharm Community Edition free?

JetBrains released a more accessible version of PyCharm: the Community Edition; the original version is purchasable and offers a free trial before people buy the app. The Community Edition is completely free and grants people the ability to modify the software through an open-source development network. Whether or not people want to pay for PyCharm or opt for the unpaid version will depend on what they need.

With the purchasable download, consumers receive the toolbox that the Community version has and gain database and SQL support, the profiler, Python website frameworks, remote development capacities, scientific tools, and web development.

With the free version, people only receive the code inspector, graphical debugger and test runner, intuitive Python editor, navigation with refactoring, and VCS support. Additionally, the Professional edition includes HTML, JS, and SQL assistance while the community option only permits core Python support. Along with the Community version, there is a free learning center: PyCharm Edu.

What is PyCharm Community Edition?

With the rise in technology-oriented careers and recreational pursuits, JetBrains released the PyCharm Community Edition to allow anyone to practice and perfect Python coding. This freeware enables and guides people to construct, debug, execute, and test code with capabilities: code completion and inspection. The Python console user interface is sleek and user-friendly.

Can PyCharm Community Edition work?

Download and install the IDE to open the program. People will be greeted by a welcome window in which they can set up a project. Under the title and version number in the middle, there is the option to ‘Create New Project’, ‘Open’, and ‘Check out from Version Control’. Users are able to quickly access all of their recent files within the left panel in the window.

By clicking on ‘Create New Project’, people will be directed to a blank page to code. To select a file to use that has valuable content, select ‘Open’. Browse through the window: ‘Open File or Project’. Navigate to the preferable folder and expand the contents to choose an individual file or highlight the entire folder to import the project.

When users open a folder within the IDE, the included files will be displayed in the left column under ‘Project’. Click on each of them to bring them into a tabbed view on the middle screen. To create a new document, right-click on the title of an existing file and hover above ‘New’ to access the desired type of file: an HTML file, Python, etc.

Name the new account and assign the file to a location. The community can begin to type. When people are ready to run their code, then they can right-click on the text and select ‘Run’ in the pop-up menu. Additional options in this area are ‘Debug’, ‘Create’, ‘Refactor’, etc.

Upon choosing ‘Run’, the content will appear on the bottom of the user interface. A myriad of options will accompany the completed text: the number of characters, the ability to print, etc.

Is Spyder better than PyCharm?

Atom, Spyder, Sublime Text, and Visual Studio Code are alternative options along with the aforementioned Educational and Professional version of PyCharm. Atom, Spyder, and VSCode are freeware in addition to the PyCharm Community and Edu software. Sublime Text is available as a free trial and requires a subscription for continued use. Microsoft developed VSC and GitHub created Atom.

Cross platform source code software

If people want to perform code inspections in the Python language for free, then PyCharm Community Edition is an excellent solution. The app engine allows for the integration of folders and individual files to be coded. Debug, edit, inspect, refactor, and run content to evaluate the progress directly in the application’s user interface.

What’s new?

The PyCharm developers, JetBrains, have their finger on the pulse of what the community is looking for. PyCharm is used by companies: Groupon, HP, Twitter, Yelp, etc. Releases and updates are coming consistently and contain new features. The latest versions are released within all of the provided operating systems: Linux, Mac, and Windows.


  • Open source
  • User-friendly UI
  • Completely free
  • Professional toolbox
  • Reputation is backed up by well-known companies


  • Less features than Pro version
  • Valuable selection of other alternative applications

Also available in other platforms

Program available in other languages

PyCharm Community Edition for PC

  • Free

  • In English
  • V 2023.1.3
  • 3.9

  • Security Status

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